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Book 1: Outlaw

Available in Paperback and Kindle.

On the eve of the Civil War, with U.S. marshals at their backs, Jesse Locke and a band of outlaws led by the dauntless, unpredictable Jack Ross find themselves with no other choice but to seek sanctuary in Jesse’s former backwoods home. After being run out of town for murder seven years earlier, Jesse arrives to find his mother dead, his sister in the whore house and nothing at all as he left it. Having entrusted the survival of his family to his oldest friend, Hank Walker, Jesse sets out to put right the betrayal that has befallen in his absence. But with the gallows a misstep away and ravenous enemies closing in, Jesse finds himself thrown into a tempest of insatiable passions, corrupt justice and treacherous temptations that threaten to send him and everyone he loves into the grave.


Book 2: Brotherhood

Coming Fall 2017

In the wake of the thwarted execution, a ruthless U.S. Marshal has usurped justice in Eden. For Hank Walker, the world has turned upside down with the swing of a rope, yet in the midst of so much turbulence, the Deputy has one shining light: Jo Locke. Though the love of his life keeps her heart heavily guarded, a future once ripped away from him is now within his grasp. But as dark secrets begin to surface, Hank finds himself swept up in the middle of a bitter feud that promises to destroy everything caught in its path. Now, once again forced to walk the line between lawman and outlaw, Hank discovers that brotherhood isn't always defined by blood.

Content Advisory

These books contain salty language, unvirtuous conduct, violent acts, and some intense thematic material. We have endeavored to represent life and the people who live it in all of their beauty, ugliness, grit and glory. This may not be suitable for all audiences.